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Article Time Stamp: 02 October 2006, 14:44:14 GMT+7

How To Create or Delete Services at Windows

Services are added from the Command Prompt. You need to know the actual service name as opposed to what Microsoft calls the Display Name. For example, if you wanted to create or delete the Help and Support service, the name used at the Command Prompt would be "helpsvc" rather than the Display Name of "Help and Support". The actual service name can be obtained by typing services.msc in Run at the Start Menu. Then double clicking the Display Name of the service. Once you know the name, you can create or delete the service(s)

Create Service(s)
1. Select Start then Run from Start Menu and type cmd in the Open line. Click OK.
2. Type: sc create
3. Reboot the system

Delete Service(s)
Normally it should not be necessary to manually delete a service. Uninstalling an application should remove it's associated service (if any).

However, should it be necessary to manually remove a service, you can choone one from these 2 methods:

A. Via Registry Method:
1. Go to Start Menu and choose Run
2. Type Regedit or regedt32 in the open line
3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
4. Scroll down the left pane, locate the service name, right click it and select Delete.
You may wish to look at the keys and see what files the service was using and perhaps delete them also.
5. Reboot the system

Some programs are cunning and prevent you from removing their service easily. For example the spyware\malware called ‘Command Service’ - "cmdService". These spyware/malware change the permissions to make it more difficult for you to delete them. For these situation, you will have to right click on the ‘service’ in regedit (regedt32), go to permissions and grant the administrator full control before the service can be deleted.

B. Via Command Prompt Method:
1. Go to Start Menu and choose Run
2. Type cmd in the open line then click OK
3. Type: sc delete
4. Reboot the system

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