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Article Time Stamp: 21 September 2008, 18:13:54 GMT+7

Create Folders and Mail Filters at Yahoo Mail

Ever wondered why your newsletter that you've been send to your customers didn't reach your customers ? Or, you have received many mails from your friends, and you want to sorted all those mails into categorized folders, so you can easily read the mails that you want to read based on the categories that you like first ?

Then you came to the right place. You can use your Yahoo Mail Filters to do that things.

What are Yahoo Filters ?
You can use Filters to organize your mail. Yahoo! Mail Filters don’t block mail, they steer messages as they arrive into different folders.

At this example, we want to move all any incoming messages from Monx007 Network into a folder called "Monx007_Network". And we give the filter name as "Monx007 Network".

Steps to set up your Yahoo! Mail Folders and Filters:
1. If you haven't a folder Monx007 Network yet, then you can create one. Click Add at the Folders option above the Inbox selection.
Set Up Yahoo Folders Step 1

2. Fill the text box with the value "Monx007_Network" and then click OK to create that folder.
Set Up Yahoo Folders Step 2

3. Then, if you succeed, you may see the result folder just like this:
Set Up Yahoo Folders Step 3

4. To set up a new filter, click Options in the upper right corner of your Mail page.
Set Up Yahoo Filters Step 1

5. Under “Management”, click Filters.
Set Up Yahoo Filters Step 2

6. Click Add.
Set Up Yahoo Filters Step 3

7. Give the filter a name, and choose from a variety of options to automatically direct certain messages into a specific folder. For example, in our case, try to fill the text box with these values:

   Filter Name: Monx007 Network
   From Header: choose contains, fill with Monx007 Network, then choose match case
   Move the message to: Monx007_Network

Then click Add Filter button

Set Up Yahoo Filters Step 4

4. Then if you succeed, you'll see the result like this:
Set Up Yahoo Filters Step 5

Well done, now all your incoming mails will go directly to the desired folders based on your settings.

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