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Article Time Stamp: 23 November 2008, 22:28:38 GMT+7

Create Pivot In Microsoft Excel Using Microsoft SQL Data Source

You can create Pivot at Microsoft Excel using your MS SQL data as the data source. Here is step by step to do that:

1. At Microsoft Excel, click at Data menu then click at PivotTable and PivotChart Report sub menu.

2. For data that you want to analyze, choose External Data Source. Then, let say that we just want to create a Pivot, choose Pivot Table at the Report that you want to create option. Click Next.

3. Click at Get Data... button.

4. Choose New Data Source, then click OK.

5. Fill your data source name that you like, for example My Precious Pivot Table. Then choose SQL Server as the Driver.

6. Click Connect Button.
Click at Options >> Button to see the Advance mode.
Fill in your SQL Server, Login, Password and MS SQL Database that you want to use.
After that, click OK.

7. Choose your Table Source, but that's optional. Click OK.

8. Click OK once more.

9. Then Microsoft Query window will showing up. Choose the required tables and column, if you want to select all column, then click * button. Click File then Return Data to Microsoft Excel menu. At Microsoft Query window, you can filter your data, sort your data and do other things for your source data.

10. Back at Microsoft Excel window, click Next

11. Choose where you want to put your PivotTable report, whether at New Worksheet or Existing Worksheet. Then click Finish

12. Done. Put the required field into the desired location, if the column can be measured, placed it to Drop Data Items Here, otherwise you can put at the rows or columns.

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