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Article Time Stamp: 21 February 2019, 21:34:36 GMT+7


Sometimes when you're typing at your HP 240 G3 Notebook PC, accidently you touch your Touchpad and erase or moving some letters that you've write before. And then you wonder how to turn off your Touchpad?


Note: This solutions has been tested at Windows 7 Professional Edition 32 bit.

To turn off your Touchpad (some said Touch Pad, Clickpad or Click Pad) at your HP 240 G3 Notebook, just follow these steps:
1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click at Mouse
3. Click at "Touch Pad" Tab
4. At "Touch Pad" Tab, do:
   - Check "Enable Touch Pad"
   - Check "Disable Internal Pointing Device When USB Mouse Is Present"
   - Click Apply
   - Click OK

HP 240 G3 Notebook PC Mouse Properties Options

The above settings will turn off the Touch Pad whenever you attach your USB Mouse to your HP 240 G3 Notebook PC. But if you want to disable completely your Touch Pad, even though you didn't attach your USB Mouse to your HP 240 G3 Notebook PC, just un-check "Enable Touch Pad" option.

I already go to Control Panel and then click at the Mouse. But the "Touch Pad" Tab isn't there.


If you can't see the "Touch Pad" Tab at the Mouse Property Options, then you may need to go to and install the driver for it. Go to, click support at the top, insert your model number and download the driver for the Alps Touchpad Driver. Or you may download the driver through this site:

I had already download the Alps Touchpad Driver from HP website ( The Alps Touchpad Driver version is 1.20 A (21 Nov 2014) and had a total size of 50.4 MB.

CLICK HERE for Alps Touchpad Driver Version: 1.20 A (21 Nov 2014).
Notes: If you don't have Filefactory member account, just click at the "Slow Download" button at below and wait for the timer reach 0, after that the "Start Download" button will appear. Click the "Start Download" button to download the Alps Touchpad Driver.

After you've download it completely, install the driver and restart your HP 240 G3 Notebook PC. After that, follow the above instructions to turn off the Touch Pad.

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