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Article Time Stamp: 06 January 2010, 11:27:36 GMT+7

Learn to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer and MySQL Tools on Windows XP(Main Section)

Note: This article will be released in sections. Learning how to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer and MySQL Tools is one of the most important parts of running a web server from any machine. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to install all of these resources in Windows XP Service Pack 2.


1. Apache Web Server (Win32 Binary) – This is the web server we’ll be use for this project.
   - Apache Home Page:
   - Apache HTTPD Web Server Download Page:
   - Apache Version Used: Apache 2.2.2 Win32 Binary
2. PHP Windows Zipped Version – This will be used to develop under the PHP programming language.
   - PHP Home Page:
   - PHP Download Page:
   - PHP Version Used: PHP 5.1.4 Zipped Version

3. MySQL Database Server – This will be used to run our MySQL databases.
   - MySQL Home Page:
   - MySQL Download Page:
   - MySQL Version Used: MySQL 5.0.22 Win32

4. phpMyAdmin Database Manager – This will be used to manage our MySQL databases.
   - phpMyAdmin Home Page:
   - phpMyAdmin Download Page:
   - phpMyAdmin Version Used: phpMyAdmin 2.8.1 Zipped Version

5. Zend Optimizer – We’ll use this to optimize all of the PHP development we’ll be doing.
   - Zend Optimizer Home Page:
   - Zend Optimizer Free Download Page:
   - Zend Optimizer Version Used: Zend Optimizer 3.0.1 Windows

6. MySQL Tools - This packet include MySQL Administrator (Administrate all MySQL users and Maintenaning MySQL Databases), MySQL Query Browser (Query and analyze data stored within your MySQL database), MySQL WorkBench (a Schema design application that enables users to graphically design and modify tables and other database objects, then automatically implement their design in MySQL) and MySQL Migration Toolkit (tool to migrate existing database from various vendors to MySQL databases)
   - MySQL Tools Home Page:
   - MySQL Tools Download Page:
   - MySQL Tools Version Used: MySQL Tools for 5.0 For Windows

Start off by downloading each of the applications and scripts and save them to a folder on your desktop or somewhere else that will be easily accessible through out this tutorial.

This tutorial had also been tested on:
1. Apache 2.2.11 Win32 Binary and Apache 2.2.13 without SSL for Windows
2. MySQL 5.1.36
3. PHP 5.2.10 Zip Version and PHP 5.3.0 Zip Version (Version: VC6 x86 Thread Safe)
4. phpMyAdmin
5. Zend Optimizer 3.3.0 For Windows

Now that we have everything that we need, we can continue on to the next section (Install Apache)


Programs Used
Web Server Application: Apache 2.2.2 Win32 Binary, Apache 2.2.11 Win32 Binary or Apache 2.2.13 Win32 Binary Without SSL
Interface Application: PHP 5.1.4 Windows Installer, PHP 5.2.10 Zip Version or PHP 5.3.0 Zip Version (VC6 x86 Thread Safe)
Database: MySQL 5.0.22 Win32 or MySQL 5.1.36
     phpMyAdmin - phpMyAdmin 2.8.1 Zipped Version or phpMyAdmin
     Zend Optimizer - Zend Optimizer 3.0.1 For Windows or Zend Optimizer 3.3.0 For Windows
     MySQL Tools - MySQL Tool for 5.0 For Windows

Download Locations
Zend Optimizer:
MySQL Tools:

 Install Apache >> 


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