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Article Time Stamp: 17 August 2009, 18:59:40 GMT+7

Learn to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer and MySQL Tools on Windows XP (Install MySQL Tools)

Sometimes, managing all MySQL users, maintain MySQL databases, make Query application and migrating databases would be very hard and takes to much time if we only use MySQL command line to do that. Fortunately for us, MySQL has develop a Windows Interface to do that. They create MySQL Tools. It's Free and simple to use.

So lets start off by executing the installer that we downloaded in the beginning.

This will bring us to a window similar to this one, simple click on Next.

Next we must agree to MySQL's License Agreement, simply click on "I Accept the terms in the license agreement".

Next the application would like to know where to install MySQL Tools. Because we need to gather all the application into c:\server directory, simply click on Change.

Find the new location, or type it in the Folder Name. In this case were using C:\server\mysql\MySQL Tools for 5.0\ as wed like to keep everything in its own folder. Click OK

Here's the new location where we want to install MySQL Tools. Simply click Next.

Next the installer would like to know whether we need to install all components or we customize certain components only (MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Migration Toolkit, MySQL Workbench and Language Support). Just choose Complete and click Next

After that, the application will bring us to ready to install window. Simple click on Install and the installer will begin the installation.

Once everything is finished, well get a window similar to this. Simply click on Finish and were done. MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Migration Toolkit and MySQL Workbench is now installed in the location we provided.

You can see all the MySQL Tools application under MySQL folder, click at Start - Programs - MySQL. Just like this:

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