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Article Time Stamp: 14 November 2010, 21:58:34 GMT+7


When I connect the Projector to my HP MiniNote, it still didn't recognize my Projector's USB. For your information, I'm using:

Projector's Brand: MP02 Pico Projector (or some said it was MP2 Pico Projector)
Notebook's Brand: HP MiniNote 2133
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1

The above problem is because at Microsoft Windows Vista, there's advance Power Configuration to optimize your Notebook power needed, and sadly it didn't read your Projector's USB power correctly.

So, you must disable the Advance Power Setting for the USB. Here's how to do that:

1. Access the Power Options Configuration from Control Panel
2. Then click at the Change Advanced Power Setting
3. Enter the USB Settings
4. Disable both the options at USB Selective Suspend Setting.

After that, when you connect your MP02 Pico Projector, your Windows will recognize the Projector's USB.

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