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Article Time Stamp: 17 August 2009, 21:08:06 GMT+7

MySQL Syntax Error And Solutions

I want to delete all record in my table with this code:
$list=mysql_query("select * from data",$myconnection);
mysql_query("delete from data");}

Those syntax has deleted all the records from table data, but not work with autoincremental field type. How can i delete the autoincremental field record ?

You can use this code:
TRUNCATE `table_name`

Can't find any matching row in the user table

When you try to grant privileges or password for certain user, you may get above error. Check whether those user have privileges on that host.

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE ON `phpmyadmin`.* TO 'pma'@localhost;

Check the pma user had privileges on localhost, otherwise you'll get those error.

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