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Article Time Stamp: 17 May 2011, 22:09:26 GMT+7


I receive "XVidcore.dll Not Found" warning message in my Windows.

Xvidcore.dll is installed on your Windows computer when you install the XviD codec. You need to install this codec in order to play the XviD movies on your system. After installing the codec, you can play your XviD movie and video files using any media player that currently exists on your computer. XviD codec has been developed as an open source and is based on MPEG-4 video compression technology.

You may receive the "Xvidcore.dll not found" error, when you are trying to run a XviD movie or video using a media player such as Winamp or Windows Media Player. The Cause of the problems maybe one of these:
1. XviD Codec Is Not Installed on Your Computer
2. Missing or Corrupt Xvidcore.dll

To fix this problem, you may want to find the latest Xvidcore.dll and download it to your computer. After that, you can do one these steps:
1. Copy the xvidcore.dll into your Windows/System32 folder
2. Copy the xvidcore.dll into the directory where it was originally located and then register the xvidcore.dll again using the Regsvr32 command. To do this, select Start => Run and then type "Regsvr32 /i xvidcore.dll". After that press Enter.

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